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  • Sales Manager

    In short, we are looking for a sales manager who is familiar with the hospitality industry. Your responsibilities will include cold calling clients, helping answer questions from B2B clients, hoteliers and their chain representatives, and assisting senior colleagues.
  • Outsourced translator

    Our team already speaks English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Czech. We are planning to launch our product in the Nordic countries, so we are looking for a translator to join our team who speaks one or more of these languages: Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish.
  • Site Reliability Engineer

    We are now looking for an experienced engineer to join the SRE team. This team will be responsible for the stable and uninterrupted operation of all internal services of the main project. Technologies that shouldn't scare you: Kubernetes, AWS, GCE, Azure, Terraform, NoSQL, Go, Python.
  • QA Engineer

    We are looking for a developer tester to join our team. What you will need to do: test a cross-platform product, carefully check new functionality, work with a bug tracker, develop test documentation and optimize testing processes within the team.
  • Front End Developer

    The amount of work that our Front End Developers will work with is huge. And the service will continue to expand! We are looking for capable programmers who know HTML, CSS, JS and PHP like the back of their hand and are willing to make friends with a team of other Front and Back End developers.
  • Head Of Social Media Customer Support

    We need a person who will be responsible for responding to users in comments and private messages, as well as for tracking brand mentions on social networks. Head is about caring. About the client, about the employees and about the company. If you are used to working with love for your work, you like consistency and understand what the specifics of support in social networks are, send your resume as soon as possible.
  • Head of Legal

    What you will need to do: provide legal support for all processes in the company, prepare and support investment and m&a projects, support the company on KYC/KYS issues, advise the team on legal issues. You must be able to speak both legal and human language, be friendly and responsible.
  • SMM

    We are looking for a person who knows how to translate his thoughts well in English. The ability to be extremely friendly, moderately funny and use emoji as a native language will come in handy. Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to take people without experience.

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Dmitry Litvinov
Dmitry L.
CTO, Project Manager, Programmer
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Introducing a game-changing accommodation booking service. Flexible bookings, smart guest assistance, faster and safer check-in, B2B benefits and more are here. Truly new, modern and innovative. It does not improve the achievements of the past, but creates a new product and sets trends.
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Flexible bookings

One of the main advantages of our service is flexibility. Guests can make reservations with an accuracy of one hour, but the opportunity to book a room for a week does not disappear anywhere.

ВackEnd for hotels

More importantly, hotels have the ability to manage such bookings. We also plan to integrate other booking services inside ours, which no one else does — a full-fledged PMS inside our system.
Marriott Warszawa
Single Room
Wilson Gouse
Twin Room
Double Room
Maria Dias
Triple Room
Jordyn Mango
Suit Room
Family Room
Nolan Philips
Apartment name

Artificial intelligence

The future of the hotel business is the interaction of man and artificial intelligence. In our system, it will be used to complete bookings, which will reduce the time for booking from 2-3 minutes to less than one.
Hello! I am Mark. While I'm in the process of building, I already know that I will help people make bookings faster and cheaper. Why? It's simple, I can analyze and select hotels according to the individual preferences of the account owner, as well as analyze hundreds of listing offers at once.
I found a great hotel! Marriot New Your is now offering a discount on a room with a large bed. It will cost $130. Can I book with your StayUse ID and linked card?
Yes, please book it with a card that ends in ****2030. And write to the hotel to use hypoallergenic cleaning products if possible.
Hey Marta! I'm ready to help you make your first booking with DayUse AI. Tell me about your plans, where are you going?
Hi Mark! Find a hotel in New York for May 29-30. Anything under $150 with free breakfast and preferably near a central park.
Hello! I am Mark. While I'm in the process of building, I already know that I will help people make bookings faster and cheaper. Why? It's simple, I can analyze and select hotels according to the individual preferences of the account owner, as well as analyze hundreds of listing offers at once.

ID System

Optionally, clients will be able to pass verification on our platform. The hotel will receive a special confirmation about such guests and will be able to simplify and speed up check-in. It will also help you fight scammers.
  • FAST
  • SAFE
  • EASY

B2B benefits

More than 15 percent of people travel for work. This means that we must provide not only the “I travel for work” checkbox, as other services do, but also a convenient service for tracking dates, costs and taxes.

Complex booking

Guests will be able to book multiple accommodations along the way, or if other hotels suddenly become unavailable for all selected dates. Our service will learn to offer the best options for travelers.
Our team brings together people close to the travel industry and each with their own unique skill. We will be glad to accept like-minded people.
  • teammate-1
    🧠 Dmitry L.
    CEO, Investor, Mentor
  • teammate-2
    ❤️ Elizaveta Ch.
    CMO, UI/UX, Product Designer
  • teammate-3
    ukraine-flag Maksym A.
    UI/UX, Product Designer
  • teammate-4
    ⚙️ Dmitry L.
    CTO, Project Manager, Programmer
Thank You!
Form successfully sent. We will get back to you soon!
  • One of the most frequent questions about our project is why we need another hotel booking service, because there is already,, and others.
  • Yes, these services exist. And there are dozens of others too. But is it convenient to use them?
  • There are so many problems and disadvantages of existing booking aggregators that it may not be possible to list everything.
  • Although, let's try. And then we will deal with the answer to the very first question.
  • So, the first thing I want to note is flexibility. It just doesn't exist. Some offer booking for an hour, the others for the night.
  • But there is not a single service that would offer a reservation for any period of time. Why? The market needs it.
  • It may sound uncertain, but it's not just our opinion.
  • Analyzing more than 23 million travelers, Asksuite Chatbot experts realized that 56% of travelers request service outside business hours, 40% from 6 pm to midnight.
  • Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Dmitry and I am the CTO and Project Manager of the project.
  • So, let's move on. The next stop is artificial intelligence. What's the point of wasting the potential of machines to turn on the music, voice the weather today and answer other stupid questions?
  • It makes no sense. Voice assistants should be helpful and ours will be able to book hotels. We won't go into too much depth, just imagine that booking a hotel is now 5 times faster.
  • And if after that to speed up the check-in at the hotel? It would be nice...
  • Ha! This is exactly what we plan to do. We just developed the concept of Hotel ID.
  • Sounds scary... No! If some users do not want to be identified, they may not do so. As for the rest, they will speed up their arrival at the hotel by 3-4 times.
  • Having passed the identification on our platform, users will be able to check into the hotel only by the reservation number.
  • What about B2B?
  • Everything is bad. But not with us. We looked and found only a couple of small booking services that offer B2B benefits.
  • We mean that these services at least somehow make it clear to corporate customers that they have not been forgotten about.
  • Usually, everything is limited to the «I travel for work» checkbox. In short, it gives about NOTHING.
  • But what if we make a service where tracking stays of employees, calculating taxes, and booking analytics will be available?
  • And also a bonus program to keep regular corporate customers and make the service even friendlier.
  • Everything indicates that B2B clients are ours ;)
  • You are already on block 23, keep it up!
  • The next no less cool thing is complex bookings. Yes, like complex flights.
  • We are the only service that allows travelers to book places along the way and offer them such options when there are no empty seats in the chosen accommodation.
  • Instead of forcing the guest to choose a route based on the availability of hotels on their own, we do everything for them.
  • We reduce the Bounce Rate
  • If you're waiting for the end, then it's coming soon. It remains to tell everything about the remaining features, I will try to be shorter.
  • We believe that guests need several things (in addition to those that already exist) to properly evaluate the hotel: shooting the hotel from a height, 3D models of rooms, as well as an independent expert assessment of the hotel booking service.
  • Millions of travelers every year face false expectations. Our goal is to reduce their number to zero. We can do it, no doubt.
  • This will be possible thanks to the StatUse Approved hotel verification service.
  • We also want to improve map navigation. Imagine that you no longer need to wander around it - just circled the desired area with the mouse (finger) and look for a hotel in it.
  • We also want to introduce some experimental features. Let's talk about one of them in the end.
  • Did we already mention above that there are experienced guys in the team? So, there are bad experiences. As are the guests.
  • We plan to try to implement guest ratings by hotels. Not anonymous. And we are going to give guests the opportunity to participate in the assessment.
  • Guests with a high rating will receive discounts, and hoteliers will receive guests who do not make noise, do not litter, and generally great.
  • Perhaps this is all we wanted to talk about the features. Now let's get back to the original question.
  • Why do you need another hotel booking service, because there is,, and others.
  • There are good services. There are popular and very popular services. But they are still not as good as what we will create, and as you already understood, it's not just about design...
  • See you soon!